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The rapid advancement of technology means that if you’re not making changes, you’re falling behind. The Transportation and Logistics industry is facing challenges from every direction. The increase in e-commerce demands more supply chain efficiency and accuracy, while rising costs across the board—fuel, labor, assets, taxes, insurance, and high labor turnover—present obstacles to efficiency and cost management.

You need to move forward with technology, but with a strategic plan. Denali Advanced Integration can help you gain the control and savings that come with better visibility, productivity, and accuracy throughout your enterprise. Advanced data collection and access is within your reach. When you’re ready to leverage the power these solutions provide, let’s talk.




Intelligent loading of trailers contributes to greater operational efficiency. Zebra’s Trailer Load Analytics gives you a clear view of your loading operation, in real time. By transforming and optimizing the workflow in your loading process, this solution provides the real-time visibility and metrics you need to make smart business decisions quickly—decisions that impact your operational efficiency right from the start.

When a trailer is loaded incorrectly—with insufficient cargo or improper stacking—you’re wasting time and money. By the time you realize the mistake in the load, the truck is on its way, and leaving the profitability behind on your dock. You can use the situation as a training example, but why not apply the solution immediately?

The TLA solution Integrates a variety of technologies: location and motion tracking, mobile technology, and RFID asset tracking.

TLA’s Dock Manager provides a remote view, via a mobile computer or enterprise tablet, like the Zebra ET50. This real-time perspective enables the manager to quickly take corrective action with the dock team:

  • Improper loading—The 3-D imaging shows stacking, formation, load order, and load capacity.
  • Incorrect lifting—Prevent work-related accidents and injuries by observing the lifting habits of the workers.
  • Inefficient loading—See when a trailer load is falling behind and instantly address the situation.
  • Discrepancies—Dimensioning sensors automatically send alerts for discrepancies and changes in weight and dimensions, assuring that loads go on the right dock.

The Line Haul Manager uses the dashboard to monitor the loading activity, without walking the docks.

  • Assess the package flow rate to determine when loads will be closing.
  • Expedite paperwork to quickly close out a trailer and get it on the road.
  • Alert drivers in a timely way because real-time visibility provides more accurate view of trailer closings.

Maximize the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of your trailer loading operation. Contact Denali Advanced Integration to learn more.

6 scanner printer router


The expansiveness of and heavy traffic flowing through distribution centers and yards—seaport, terminal, and laydown—create a major obstacle to operational efficiency. A Yard Management System (YMS), supported by mobile and RFID technology, tackles the tough challenges by creating easy visibility across this operation.

Denali Advanced Integration’s automated approach to yard management improves gate management, yard operations, switcher productivity, and dock door management.

  • Expediting the inbound processing reduces the congestion and eliminates overflow.
  • The data that is gathered and transmitted through a YMS in real time enables better parking assignments, which improves efficiency.
  • The visibility in a high-performing YMS solution allows for streamlined operations that deliver higher throughput over the same real estate, and at lower costs.
  • Switcher assignments are handled automatically and wirelessly to rugged mobile computers, with greater flexibility and time-savings.
  • By limiting the handling of the inbound and outbound shipments, yard management reduces cross-docking labor and increases the freight transfers.


RFID and Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology allow your workforce to quickly locate assets, eliminating the hunt for missing containers, pallets, and loads. RFID tags on trucks and loads capture inbound trailer-load information as it passes the gate. The information is relayed from mobile computers to a central office, where shipments are prioritized and dock-door assignments are processed.

Forklifts equipped with RFID readers and vehicle-mounted computers add mobility. Fixed readers mounted in key access points around the facility and yard allow for easy read of RFID tags as they pass by. Industrial-strength readers, like Zebra’s FX9500, are designed for tough environments, like distribution centers and yards, so they provide the reliable performance that is critical in this dynamic environment.

Zebra YMS Solution delivers a powerful ROI:

  • 30% Reduced switcher cost (number of units, fuel, and labor)
  • 70% Elimination of manual yard checks
  • 25% Reduction of dock labor costs
  • 20% Increased yard utilization/throughput
  • 50% Time reduction at gates to process drivers


You know the saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Some products just are engineered and manufactured to achieve acceptable, not superior, results. If you have higher expectations, you need to make better choices.

This holds true for your thermal printer supplies. You rely on these machines to produce high quality barcode labels, RFID tags, receipts, and invoices—whether at your facility, in the yard, or on the road. The barcodes need to be scannable, even through all the loading and unloading that occurs. The costly downtime that results from lost or damaged labels or tags adds up fast.

Let’s also consider the wear and tear on your printer from inferior media and ribbons. The dirt and debris left behind can damage your printhead. Adhesive can ooze beyond the label and leave a mess inside your printer. The money you saved on the lower priced supplies will be needed to pay for printer cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Genuine Zebra Supplies are designed for very specific applications. With thousands of combinations of substrate and adhesive, the labels can be customized to your needs. From handling extreme temperatures, like cold storage, to resisting the tough conditions of loading docks and yards, Genuine Zebra labels will give you the durability and quality you should expect.

Denali Advanced Integration wants to help you identify the supplies that best match your printer and applications. Please contact us to learn more.




Zebra’s rugged technology is ideally suited for Transportation & Logistics. The mobile computers are no exception. Tough on the outside, these best-in-class computers feature enterprise-grade functions, like data capture, security, and device management.

  • tc8000

    The TC8000 is Zebra’s revolutionary all-touch computer, with a single-plane interface and the most advanced data capture technology available. Stringent testing proves the TC8000 increases productivity by 14%—the equivalent of one additional hour per worker per shift.

  • mc9200

    The MC9200 mobile computer represents the gold standard for mobility in the most demanding environments—from the warehouse floor to the dock door. Switch between three operating systems, seven of Zebra’s most advanced scan engines, and six interchangeable keypads, the MC9200 offers unmatched versatility.

  • omniXT15

    The Omnii XT15 combines rugged reliability with unparalleled adaptability. The modular design lets you customize this mobile computer to configure to your needs—now and in the future.

  • vh10

    The Zebra VH10 vehicle-mounted mobile computer takes computing power to the warehouse aisles, in freezers, and throughout the yard. Easy to mount in any material handling vehicle, the VH10 features push-to-talk and a touchscreen that can be used even with gloved fingers.

  • et50

    The ET50 enterprise tablet blends consumer styling with enterprise-class features to increase productivity through better visibility, longer battery life, and first-class data capture, security, and device management. Use the larger screen real estate to view your YMS and get dashboard views in real time.



The ability to quickly and accurately scan data is the benchmark of your YMS. You need the technology that reads barcodes at a distance and even those that are scratched, smudged, damaged, or covered with shrinkwrap.

  • 3600

    Zebra’s 3600 Series of ultra-rugged scanners provide the most powerful scanning performance, with first-time capture of even the hardest-to-read codes and the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in the industry.

  • ds9808

    The DS9808-R general purpose scanner is the first combination 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID reader, and first combination handheld/hands-free UHF RFID reader.

  • fx9500

    The FX9500 fixed reader delivers high-speed performance and longer read ranges that are critical for Transportation and Logistics efficiency. The IP53 sealing protects the reader against the dirt and dust, and the FX9500 operates in temperatures from -4ºF to 131ºF.


Count on Zebra quality, performance, and reliability to avoid downtime and increase productivity.

  • imz

    The iMZ mobile printer is lightweight (less than a pound) and compact enough clip on a belt or shoulder strap, but the small size doesn’t reflect the big power. These printers offer the best connectivity options and run on iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems.

  • industrial printers

    Zebra’s industrial printers—the Xi4, ZT200, ZT400, and 105SLPlus—are engineered for high-volume printing in a harsh environment, while still delivering the quality you demand.


  • imz

    Reduce downtime and increase efficiency and compliance with high quality labels, tags, receipt paper, and ribbons for your thermal printer. Denali Advanced Integration carries the full line of Genuine Zebra Supplies to ensure.



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