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The healthcare industry is juggling major initiatives. Patient safety and increasing the quality of care is always a priority, but how can providers also meet the need for meeting these goals while also maximizing their productivity?

Healthcare technology delivers the solution. Software, hardware, and wireless networks have advanced to provide a broader range of functions and benefits. In this guidebook Denali Advanced Integration will introduce you to the possibilities that could create positive outcomes across your enterprise.

Patient wristbanding, for example, seems like a simple task, but this item provides the essential link to patient care and safety throughout their stay. Is your system both safe and efficient?

Mobility is another essential productivity booster that offers great potential to healthcare providers

From point-of-care and remote patient monitoring to staff collaboration, the ability to leverage mobile technology has become more than convenient. It’s critical.

Protecting your bottom line is also made easier with asset management technology. Knowing where your supplies and equipment are located reduces the amount of valuable staff time spent searching for it. In addition, a quick glance at your supply status in real time prevents unnecessary replenishment and storage.

Denali has specialized in healthcare technology for almost a quarter of a century. We’ve followed the growth, explored the potential, and gained a wealth of experience that will help you pave the way to success. Let us be your guide, starting with this guide.


The tech path to patient safety.

You can learn more about wristbanding and patient safety by downloading Zebra’s white paper.


Five Rights—How Barcoding Enables the Five Rights of Medication Administration

The safety of the patients in your care has the highest priority. Healthcare technology extends the ability of your staff to monitor and delivery quality care.

An effective wristbanding solution is the beginning of protecting your patients A barcoded wristband contains all of the information your staff needs to ensure that the right medications and care are delivered, in the right doses and the right time. A quick scan confirms the accuracy, and the information is instantly transmitted to the electronic medical record (EMR) so that other caregivers share the information in real-time—not waiting for the data to be manually entered, which opens a large door to human error.

Wristband printing encompasses a broad spectrum of solutions. You can choose from thermal and laser printing wristbands. Some wristbands will require assembly, which requires staff time. You also need to consider the comfort, safety, and durability of the wristband itself. In order to be effective, the wristband must remain scannable, even when subjected to the constant cleaning and the daily wear.

Bedside specimen collection becomes safer and more effective when the patient is wearing a barcoded wristband that is easily readable with a mobile barcode scanner. Labeling the specimen at the point of care ensures that the sample follows a traceable path to the lab and beyond.

Suggested Technology Solutions:

• Zebra HC100 Patient ID Solution — A dedicated, compact wristband printer with easy loading and encased in medical-grade plastic; calibrates automatically to the wristband size (infant, pediatric, adult).

• Zebra Z-Bands — Ready to apply, right from the HC100, with no assembly; features anti-microbial coating.

• Zebra CS4070-HC Scanner — A handy, companion scanner that is small enough to tuck in a pocket or hang on a lanyard, but powerful enough to read barcodes in print or on a screen.

• Zebra DS6878-HC Scanner — Ideal for the workstation on wheels, the next-generation technology delivers easy scanning of any 1D, 2D, or PDF417 barcode.

Proven at the Point of Patient Care

41 % drop in medication administration errors 5, 6
0 % medication transcription errors 5
50 % drop in adverse drug events (non-timing errors) 5

Barcode utilization, when combined with Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) increase patient care accuracy and safety. 6 Barcode usage has reduced the number of drug administration errors by 42%. 7

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Medicine on the move.

Your staff doesn’t stand still. They need to be mobile. You can’t optimize their efficiency when they must be reined back in to access computers and printers that are plugged in elsewhere. Outside of work, your healthcare providers rely on their mobile technology to simplify tasks and keep them connected with the people who need them. Why not provide the same benefit on the job?

Mobile computers, tablets, scanners, and printers empower your team with rugged devices that are designed to handle the challenging healthcare environment—from drops to harsh cleaners. Zebra has engineered an entire line of healthcare-specific devices that feature healthcare-wipeable plastic casings and medical-grade electrical supply, so they last longer and perform to the high standards of Zebra’s enterprise devices. By pairing this technology with mobile health apps, your staff can focus more time of delivering patient care.

A rugged mobile computer or tablet connects clinicians with the records, reports, and staff they need. They can monitor patients from locations other than the nurses’ station. The care team can receive instant alerts on their mobile devices, which are protected by the enterprise-grade security to meet HIPAA regulations. Technicians equipped with a mobile computer and printer can label specimens at bedside, reducing errors that can lead to delays in treatment and incorrect diagnosis.

What is your staff carting around?


With today’s mobile healthcare technology, you can eliminate the practice of “device juggling” because your staff can access all the functions they need on one, updated mobile computer, like the Zebra MC40-HC, another healthcare-specific device.

Denali’s customized workstations on wheels provide an efficient system for mobilizing your healthcare staff. Every cart is individually designed, based on the needs and the equipment that needs to be easily accessed there. Denali’s technical staff provisions every device so the cart is, literally, ready to roll when you receive it.


STAFF collaboration:

Critical decisions are made on the basis of the quality and expediency of information. Your teams rely on having immediate access to the people and information they need. With so many clinicians on the move, in and out of the facility, how can you ensure they can connect in an instant?

Smartphones are convenient, but not efficient in this type of environment. In fact, a 2014 Spyglass Consulting Group study revealed that 89 percent of hospital executives believe that consumer-grade smartphones are not a good fit for the healthcare environment. A rugged, enterprise-grade mobile computer, equipped with push-to-talk communication is an essential tool.

Workforce Connect is a powerful software program that adds enterprise voice, text messaging, and video communications across multiple devices, creating a unified communications network. Using push-to-talk, healthcare teams can instantly connect, making group collaboration much simpler.

By adding Workforce Connect to your Zebra mobile computers, you can also add PBX deskphone functionality, providing even more on-the-go functionality.

Suggested Technology Solutions:

  • Zebra MC40-HC Mobile Computer—Styled like a consumer smartphone but powered with enterprise-grade features, including scanner, and rugged enough to stand up to bumps, tumbles, and drops.
  • Zebra SB1-HC Smart Badge—Worn a lanyard, belt, or arm band, the smart badge features push-to-talk convenience, omni-directional scanning, easy-to-read display, and finger-style navigation.
  • Workforce Connect—Add push-to-talk, text messaging, and video communications to your Zebra mobile devices for improved collaboration.

Keeping connected

Cover your assets.

You invest in the resources that fuel your operation. From simple supplies to sophisticated equipment, your operational efficiency and profitability rely on visibility of your inventory. If you don’t know where your mobile carts are, your caregivers are spending valuable time tracking them down, when they should be using it to improve patient care. In addition, the lack of accurate inventory could mean that you run out of critical supplies.

Using technology for greater visibility of your assets is a smart investment that delivers a measurable return. You might realize a significant savings in supply costs, and faster access to essential equipment and tools. Add them up. How do these factors improve your patient care and operational efficiency?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an effective technology for high-value assets, like medical devices, like testing equipment, mobile carts, and other tools. Marking those items with an RFID tag enable you to locate them in your facility, with the use of Real Time Locationing System (RTLS). By installing RFID readers throughout your facility, you can track this equipment and quickly locate it as needed.

This same RFID technology can be used to track patients. Just print and apply an RFID wristband.

Lost and misplaced assets result in wasted time and money—which doesn’t fit with the healthcare initiative. Rising operational costs demand that you deploy tighter controls on the moving parts of your operation. When you add up the savings in staff productivity and reduced supply expenses, you’ll discover ROI that delivers a convincing argument for making the move!


Suggested Technology Solutions:

  • Zebra MC40-HC Mobile Computer—Styled like a consumer smartphone but powered with enterprise-grade features, including scanner, and rugged enough to stand up to bumps, tumbles, and drops.
  • Zebra RFD8500 Sled—Convert almost any mobile computer into a Bluetooth-enabled handheld RFID reader.
  • Zebra FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader—Mounts easily on a wall and provides essential tracking of RFID-tagged equipment.
  • Zebra ZD500R RFID Printer/Encoder—Compact printer fits almost anywhere, and produces high-quality RFID tags and wristbands.
  • Zebra Z-Select—Premium quality polyester with adhesive that resists chemicals and high temperatures, ideal for labeling medical equipment that requires sterilization

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DENALI MANAGED SERVICES Peace of mind is our specialty

Let Denali manage your technology so you can spend more time managing your patient care. Our Managed Services handle everything from provisioning your devices to protecting your network.

  • Kitting and Staging: Denali will order, receive, maintain, update, inventory, configure, provision, stage, store, and deliver your devices at your request, so they’re ready to run, right out of the box. We also maintain your replacement pool in our facility, and overnight the equipment as needed, saving you the time and cost of managing the inventory.
  • Deployment: We offer a broad set of options, combined with our experience in healthcare technology, to provide a seamless, on-time experience for your operations. Our team provides the necessary documentation, on-site training, and ongoing remote support.
  • Managed Print Network: Denali’s technical experts can monitor and manage all the devices in your printer network. We oversee all maintenance schedules, replenish supplies as needed, and provide immediate response for repair. Managed Print Network services extend the life of your technology, conserve your in-house IT staff time, and cut down on the amount of downtime that occurs with printer management.
  • Managed Wireless: Put your network in Denali’s hands. We’ll ensure that the system runs smoothly, identify potential problem areas, and provide you with detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Service Desk and Field Support: Connect with a Denali support technician 24/7. Our skilled IT team can provide you with help desk support, troubleshoot network issues remotely, or dispatch a service technician to quickly handle the problem.



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